Wish and ye shall receive


This morning as my camera battery was dying and I was in a race with time to  get the photos off my SD card onto my laptop before the battery went flat, I wished that my laptop had an SD card reader.  I thought wistfully how much easier it would make transferring images or copying friend’s photos when traveling.  One less USB cord to pack in the suitcase.  When I turned my laptop on its side to look at the external ports, what should I discover? A thin, long port in the shape of an SD card.

I was stunned.  I have owned, and used on a daily basis, my laptop for almost 2 years now.  Clearly it was never there. Clearly it has only now appeared because I wished it.  The discovery that I have my own private wish granting genie has completely floored me.    I wished for an SD port, and voila! There is one on my laptop!

Now I am going to wish to discover some five pound notes and a sprinkling of pound coins  in random coat and purse pockets (don’t want to be too greedy).  I am sure that my genie will come through for me.


At least, that’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it. Much more exciting and much less embarrassing than simply being a total unobservant and forgetful numpty.

3 thoughts on “Wish and ye shall receive

  1. Oooh don’t you just love it when that happens :D As for finding lost money I love it when I change coats or handbags as I sometimes find some cash or a small bar of chocolate.

  2. Alice, you’re so funny! I have a day off tomorrow, so I will be stalking the postie…

    At least as it’s coming from the UK, there won’t be any customs charges – I got hit again today :¬(

    It was for the region 1 DVD of series three of Greek though, so I can lend it to you when I’ve finished watching! yay, Cappie!

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